Odeur de Violettes live in Piksla

Piksla Břeclav
6. 9. 2013

Odeur de Violettes
01 – I Like My Scars, They’re the Best Storytellers
02 – Scientist
03 – From the Pit
04 – Fake Intimacy
05 – Closing Up
06 – Diagnosis trifolium
07 – High Hopes, Dashed Hopes
08 – Morning Fields
09 – Up and Down
10 – Play Drums or You’ll Die Alone (With 52 Cats)
11 – I Wish the Moment You’re Inkin‘ Me Never Ended

recorded by Zoom H1 mp3 320kbps – Audacity
Not for sale!
From fans to fans.

Odeur de Violette live in Piksla

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